Refrigerated Container To Store Your Needs

Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated Container is different from other types of containers, containers are usually used to store heavy goods such as vehicles, iron, wood, and other heavy goods. This type of Refrigerated Container container is used for the storage of goods that require a constant temperature so that the goods in the container remain fit for use or consumption.

For example, Refrigerated Container is used to store food such as meat, fruit, and vegetables, as well as various types of medicine to other pharmaceutical products. Refrigerated Containers can be sent using sea transportation such as ships to land transportation such as trains. With air temperatures reaching as low as -65 °C and as high as 40 °C, these containers can keep your food ingredients and pharmaceutical products safe for consumption outside the room.


To maintain a stable temperature, these containers are assisted by external power sources such as ship generators or generators connected to a port. A refrigerated Container diverts the air contained under the cargo through a T-shaped deck, which is made to ensure the air contained in the container can flow appropriately during the shipping period. This container can also increase the shipping temperature if needed, this container can adjust and change limits such as temperature, and humidity to the air ventilation.

The Dimensions

The dimensions offered by the Refrigerated Container are also quite large, with 2 types of sizes, namely 20 feet and 40 feet, you can carry your food or pharmaceutical products up to 30,000 kilograms. With internal dimensions, of 2.28 m (width), 2.33 m (height), and 5.45 m (length) this 20 feet container can accommodate up to 27,320 kilograms, and the load capacity you can have reaches 33.2 cubic meters. . Unlike the 40 feet Refrigerated Container, which measures 2.26 m (width), 2.18 m (height) and 11.48 m (length), this container can accommodate up to 30,415 kilograms with a load capacity of 57.76 cubic meters.

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